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An experienced administrator is an important component of an asset manager’s long-term strategy. With the ability to support risk and compliance obligations and provide transformative technology, the administrator acts as a trusted partner through a responsive, knowledgeable service team. We can help your business capitalize on opportunities by supporting a variety of investment products such as Collective Investment Trusts (CIT), Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF), Interval and Mutual funds. We offer a comprehensive package of registered fund services and our experts will assist you in every aspect of:


Understanding CITs and Their New Opportunities

The changing investment landscape means that CITs’ importance in the DC space will only grow. Collective Investment Trusts - A Perfect Storm can help you understand the increased opportunities CITs present to asset managers seeking a larger share of retirement assets.
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Capitalizing on Disruption: Transforming Asset Management for 2020

Our white paper takes a look at some of the major trends impacting the asset management industry. It highlights the opportunities we have observed some of the leading firms take to integrate advanced analytics and transform their product, distribution, marketing, client relationship, product, and value proposition strategies in an effort to meet the evolving requirements and expectations of professional buyers and investors.
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